What types of photography coverage and shoots do you offer?
Boudoir, Couples, Engagements, Family, Fashion & Glamour, Little Ones, Maternity, Newborn, Portraits, and Weddings. I also offer a variety of package options like a Babies 1st Year Package, for example. All of my wedding package options include a free session as well. Interested in another type of session or coverage option? Let me know!

How much do your packages cost?

I offer a large variety of affordable & customizable lifestyle & wedding package options. Pricing varies based on the type and length of shoot. Please inquire by emailing me at jesshphotography@hotmail.com or sending me a personal message for more details & current rates.

How many photos do you take?
I never put a limit on the images that I take or that you’ll receive. You will receive your best individually edited & retouched images. When I say best, I mean that you won’t have to spend hours sifting through images of blurry, mess-up, or duplicate shots. Instead, you will enjoy looking through a beautiful variety of images from your session.

What’s your turnaround time?
With individual editing and retouching, to personalize your beautiful images, it takes time… usually 4 weeks for lifestyle images, and around 3 months for wedding images. However, turnaround time can be extended due to wedding season or other unforeseen circumstances. (Please know that I have a young child, and can only work when she sleeps.) Also, turnaround time can be more or less depending on your package selection. I’ll never have you waiting too long to see a glimpse of your images, though. A few sneaks will be posted or sent to you within a week’s time of your session or coverage date.

What’s your process?
To give you a better idea about why it takes more than a week for you to get your photos back, I thought I’d explain the process of a typical shoot and wedding to you. For a lifestyle shoot, I take anywhere between 300-2000 photos. Depending on your wedding package selection, I take anywhere from 4000-6000+ photos. I then sort through your photos for the best images, and begin editing and retouching. Editing includes straightening, cropping, sharpening, adjusting light, and adjusting color. Retouching includes removal of loose threads, clothing stains, blemishes (pimples, scratches, bruises, etc.), and if able, unwanted objects (bird in the sky random person in the background). In many cases, I also need to combine 2 images to make 1 successful one. This is usually necessary with group photos, when 1 or 2 people out of the group photo are blinking or not looking at the camera. After this entire process of mine, depending on the package selection, I end up delivering 30 – 150 lifestyle images and 800-1000 wedding images, on average. It’s A LOT of work on my end.

Do you sell prints?

No. However, all of your best individually edited & retouched images are included in your package purchase. You can obtain your images on a CD/DVD, or through a digital download. CDs, DVDs, and downloads with a print release are available for purchase. Due to copyright laws, they are also required if you wish to make prints & did not directly purchase a package from me.

Do you travel?
Currently, I am only photographing locally in the PNW. Looking forward to more traveling, and destination work!

Do you offer gift certificates?


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or check is accepted.

How do I purchase a package?
For lifestyle session packages, a nonrefundable deposit is required in at least 2-3 weeks advance to reserve your session date and time. Deposit amounts vary based on package selection. The remaining amount is due at the time of your shoot. For wedding coverage, a 50% nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of your face-to-face consultation to reserve your wedding date. The remaining 50% is due 3 weeks prior to your wedding date.
When should my shoot be scheduled for?

We should schedule your lifestyle shoot for NO LESS than 3 weeks out. Lifestyle shoots are generally scheduled 1-2 months in advance. For weddings, I am currently taking on a limited amount of weddings for 2016 only, at this time. Availability will vary for lifestyle shoots & weddings. If little ones will be involved in the shoot, we should schedule for a time when they are happiest. If you’re wanting to schedule a newborn shoot, we should set a time for when they are at their sleepiest.

Where will we take the pictures?
Have your heart set on a location already? Perfect! If you have absolutely no clue where you want to have your photos taken, or you are open to hearing suggestions, then that’s awesome too, because I know TONS of locations. A very important thing to consider and remember when deciding on a location is to pick a location that matches your personality and style. Make sure it reflects who you are and where you’re at in life. Is it meaningful? Do you have history with the location at all? Also, think seasonally! Would a shoot in the snow or a shoot at an apple orchard be possible? *Depending on your package purchase and desired shoot location. an additional fee for traveling might need to be added.

What is your refund policy?

Your deposit is a nonrefundable deposit. Your full session payment is nonrefundable as well. If there are any edit changes that you would like made to your photos, please let me know; and I’ll see what I can do!

What if the weather is unsuitable to shoot in for my session?

As we all know with living in Washington, you never know what the weather will be like. If the weather is seen unfit to shoot in, then we will reschedule your session for the next available time/day we both have available. However, weddings are not applicable for rescheduling.

What if I need to reschedule?

If rescheduling is needed for reasons other than unreasonable weather, a no less than 2 weeks advance notice is required, otherwise an additional nonrefundable deposit will be required to reserve a new session date and time.

Do I need to sign anything?

An agreement/contract must be signed in order to book the time & date of your shoot, as well as photograph on and post images from your shoot or wedding day.