Experience & Investment


I want this to be an experience for you, and an investment in your time and money. I will never be that photographer that has you just stand there and smile, leaving you wondering if you look ‘good’ or not. Part of the fun and relaxed experience you’ll have with me starts before your session even begins. That’s why we have a phone or web consultation for lifestyle-type sessions and a sit-down or web-video consultation for your wedding day. The consultation is for us to get to know each other, share ideas and tips, and talk about styling, wants and needs, and session preparation. During your session, you will have a fun and relaxed experience. I’m not just there to take your picture, I am there to help with expression & posing, and through that, with conversation, beautiful & memorable candid moments can occur. After your session/day of coverage is over, sneaks from your session or wedding day will be up within a week. For best quality, I individually edit & retouch your best images (no batch-processing). You’ll receive all of your best images – if there are 30 amazing photos from your lifestyle session, I am not going to limit you to 5 or 10, nor am I only going to give you 200 photos from your wedding day. I will not limit the moments and your memories. I want to leave you with an experience – a fun & memorable one – and, that’s why I’m with you all the way from start to finish.


Pricing varies based on package purchase. For my current rates and prices, contact me directly.