Challenge Groups

What is a Challenge Group? Why should I join one?

A challenge group is a group available to help you with your fitness & nutrition. It’s a safe place where you can find accountability, encouragement, inspiration, and socialization. In other words… an AWESOME place you NEED to, and will want to be a part of!

Personally, these groups have helped me SO MUCH. I have made strides in  my health and fitness + have made some really close friends through being a part of these groups! I love how my emotional, mental, and physical health  has transformed since I’ve become involved in these groups!


The groups are private, online, and interactive. Daily, simple check-ins, with fun and informative assignments are a piece of the interaction. Between the simple daily tasks, trading yummy recipes, and encouraging one another you’ll discover an improved mindset and so much more!

I want to help you with your health & fitness goals! So, let me know if you’re interested in learning more about Challenge Groups, or if you want to join the next one!