One Word (Eating Disorders)

I randomly came across these videos on YouTube by WatchCut Video. After watching the 4th video in this ‘One Word’ series about Eating Disorders, I felt like I needed to do more than just ‘like’ the videos, and maybe share one or a few on my Facebook page. I wanted to purposefully go out of my way to make a post; to share and support these videos for ALL to see. I am incredibly thankful that WatchCut Video (whoever you are) took the thought and time to help create these videos. More awareness needs to be spread about eating disorders… the type, who they can affect, how they affect someone, the emotional pain and depth behind an eating disorder, and the fact that they do indeed exist; they are very real, life altering, and don’t just go away. I highly recommend that you watch these videos, and encourage you to share them or this post! PS: If they come out with more related videos, I will make sure to add them on here!


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